Roma, Gualtieri: Inauguration date set for new stadium

Rome’s Mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, has spoken about the new stadium planned for the city’s famed AS Roma football team. The comments were made during an interview on Rai Radio 1.

Gualtieri stated the project would be “a private investment” and assured that the club is firmly dedicated to its completion. He noted that all the necessary steps concerning public discussions surrounding the project had been completed.

The new stadium is planned for the Pietralata area of Rome, which currently remains undeveloped. The mayor explained the project represents a means to rectify this, expressing a desire for the stadium’s opening to coincide with the AS Roma’s centenary in 2027.

The mayor also touched on several figures associated with popular Roman football. When asked about choices between Luciano Spalletti and Francesco Totti, he indicated his affinity for Totti, praising his outstanding talent and contribution to football. Spalletti, former manager of AS Roma, also received commendations, with the mayor calling him a “great coach”.

At the mention of JosĂ© Mourinho, Gualtieri expressed admiration for the Portuguese coach, citing him as “a winner.” Gualtieri said, “I like him, I would undoubtedly confirm him.”

The comments follow a period of speculation and public interest surrounding the new stadium plan that has become a significant talking point for fans and the public alike. For many, it represents a new chapter in the history of the beloved football club. That chapter, according to Mayor Gualtieri, begins in Pietralata and opens in 2027.

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