Roma, Cristante: We have the potential to climb higher

Roma midfielder Bryan Cristante expressed his disappointment following the team’s defeat against Juventus in Turin. Speaking to DAZN after the match, Cristante looked back on the performance and discussed what the team could have done differently.

“We played a good match,” said Cristante. “In evenly balanced matches like this, it’s specific incidents that make all the difference. We’re going home with a bit of disappointment.”

He discussed how the team attempted to adapt after conceding a goal. Cristante stated, “Juventus defend superbly and it becomes really difficult to score against them. They took the lead with a single incident and then it got tougher for us.”

Despite the setback, Cristante expressed faith in Roma’s potential to advance in the Serie A rankings. “We have the potential to be further up in the standings. Luckily, the league table is tight and just three or four victories can make us climb the ladder.”

Cristante also hinted at the need for bolstering the team’s defence. Instead of using direct quote, let’s paraphrase what he said. He showed willingness to help but also highlighted the team’s need for reinforcements in the defence to avoid being stretched too thin.

As the team prepares for its next match, Cristante’s comments focus on learning from the defeat and using the experience to improve their future performance. As Post-match discussions like this allow players and fans alike to reflect and look forward to the next challenge.

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