Roma, Belotti: No dramas for playoffs; if only we had two Dybalas…

Andrea Belotti, the striker of Roma, spoke about his club’s victory over Servette in the Europa League, where he scored a goal. During a post-match interview with Sky Sports, he discussed the importance of his goal and the team’s performance.

Belotti underlined the importance that a goal has for a player in his position, stating, “A goal for a striker is everything. We live for those moments and when we manage to score, our mood improves threefold.”

The Roma forward also expressed certain disappointment about not securing the first position: “We also wanted to win. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed, partly because of our own shortcomings as we didn’t play some of our matches as we would have wanted to. However, I don’t see this as a disaster – we made it to the playoffs last year and we shall be prepared to do so this year as well.”

Belotti emphasised his belief in the team’s potential to improve as they push for the Champions League. “I perceive that this is a team that continues to grow. We are improving physically and mentally, each day, each training session, and every game is proof of that. Our goal is always the same: to secure three points in every match. We are Roma and we are expected to do just this. We are there now, but we know the league is long and there are significant challenges ahead from Sunday onwards. We will need everyone’s help,” Belotti said.

When asked about the team’s reliance on Dybala, Belotti said, “We all know Paulo’s capabilities. He’s the type of player who can conjure up a game-changing play at any moment, he always knows how to position himself and has a touch that few players possess. It’s no coincidence he’s a world champion. When he’s not available, the situation certainly becomes different, and our game strategy has to change. It’s true that his abilities, especially in his position, are unique. If there were two Dybalas, things would be easier,” he joked, “but there’s only one. When he’s missing, his absence is felt.”

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