Roma-Atalanta under Scalvini’s sign: it’s time to start again (where we began)

Atalanta faces an immense test of maturity as they square off against Roma this year. They will once again rely on Giorgio Scalvini, who emerged as a key figure in their gritty and hard-won victory against the same team last year. His defensive solidity and coolness under the posts came to the fore during that match, adding to his profile as a player to watch.

However, as the Roma-Atalanta clash approaches one year later, Scalvini’s season has presented a mixed bag of highs and numerous lows. The once reliable defender, excelling in structured roles, has shown flaws in his performances, specifically in the central defensive responsibilities. The contrasting nature of his performances is evident from his standout games against Sassuolo and Sporting to an underwhelming performance in Turin, considered his worst.

Hien’s arrival in Bergamo has undoubtedly eased some of the strains in the defensive department, not only allowing Djimsiti to catch his breath but also enabling Scalvini to play more in tune with his abilities. It is paramount for Atalanta’s defense to regain its solidity demonstrated in previous seasons, such as their match-winning performance in the Stadio Olimpico last year.

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