Roberto Calenda: Osimhen is an extraordinary player and doing great at Napoli

Napoli’s key striker, Victor Osimhen, has agreed to a contract extension despite a rough night on the pitch, with his agent Roberto Calenda expressing his satisfaction in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

Describing the contract negotiations, Calenda stated, “Historic. Yes, I would say historic.”

He further elaborated on the significance of the renewal and Osimhen’s standing as a player saying, “It is a tremendous achievement. It is recognition of what Osimhen has done and continues to do on the pitch: he’s an extraordinary player.”

Addressing speculations of Osimhen being sold off like Edinson Cavani, Calenda rejected the narrative, confirming Osimhen’s commitment to Napoli. “Victor is happy in Napoli and wants to take it as high as possible. He’s always said and demonstrated that on the pitch. We have just closed a very significant renewal in the history of Italian football. Let’s enjoy it. It’s proof that certain narratives were wrong.”

In reference to a recent controversy involving Osimhen and social media platform TikTok, Calenda clarified his stance: “I have always defended Victor but I want to clarify something that I didn’t like: I never accused anyone of racism, let alone Napoli, a city I love. Those videos were unfortunate, especially at that moment: Osi was sad for the penalty missed in Bologna, it didn’t seem like the time to joke about it.”

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