Revealed: Audio between Di Bello and VAR on Lautaro’s penalty in Inter-Udinese, ‘The defender does nothing’

In the latest episode of Open Var, new details have emerged regarding the controversial match between Inter and Udinese. Notably, a penalty secured by Lautaro Martinez came under scrutiny, which paved the way for a Nerazzurri breakthrough.

The match referee, Di Bello, was quoted as saying, “The defender did nothing!”, suggesting he saw nothing irregular in the contact made. This opnion was not shared by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), Mazzoleni, who urged Di Bello to reconsider, stating “He unbalances him, come see it” (as told on Open Var).

Furthermore, Rocchi, the refereeing designator, reportedly asked the referee what he would have done if he was in the VAR role. Di Bello responded, saying he would have recommended an on-field review (OFR). This dialogue as revealed on Open Var demonstrates the role of technology in discretionary decisions in football, which continues to spark debate.

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