Renzi: Fiorentina has learned to win by a whisker

Matteo Renzi, former Italian Premier and current leader of the Italia Viva party, has taken to social media to share his thoughts on Fiorentina’s performance against Torino.

Renzi commented, “And Fiorentina has learned to win with a whisker. It’s lovely to see a full Franchi rejoicing. A hug to our granata brothers too.” His comments reflect on the thrilling match that unfolded, with Fiorentina securing a narrow, yet convincing victory.

Renzi’s expression shows his delight in witnessing the Franchi stadium’s atmosphere during the heated match. Furthermore, he extended a sporting acknowledgement to the members of the rival Torino team, which was an illustration of the friendly football spirit despite rivalry.

These remarks were noted on Renzi’s social media profiles which are followed by thousands of football enthusiasts and politicians alike.

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