Renzi baffled: Franchi Stadium renovation without funds

Former Italian Prime Minister and Fiorentina supporter, Matteo Renzi, has spoken out about the restructuring of the Artemio Franchi stadium.

In an interview with ANSA, Renzi expressed concerns over the project’s financial plan.

“I am curious as a citizen to understand, always as a citizen, how one can throw money away without having the coverage of the total amount of the project,” Renzi told ANSA. “You never see a project being done without having the funds. Here half of the budget is missing, it can’t be understood where the money will come from.”

Renzi raised questions about transparency and financial planning, highlighting his concerns about the project’s viability given the existing budget shortfall. No response or clarification on the financial plan from the project organizers has been given yet.

The development comes amidst growing discussions on stadium upgrades and infrastructure developments in Italian football.

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