Real Sociedad, Alguacil warns: Predicting Inter outcome would lead to loss

In the build-up to the upcoming Champions League match against Inter Milan, Real Sociedad’s coach, Imanol Alguacil delivered some stern words at a press conference.

“If we overthink, we lose,” he declared. This emotive sentiment was conveyed at the press conference, highlighting Alguacil’s intent for his team to be competitive and take the field with the single aim to win.

His respect for the opposing team ran deep, acknowledging both Inter Milan’s strength and its prestigious history. However, he exhibited confident pride in his own team, characterising Real Sociedad as a ‘small entity’ with a ‘big heart’. He further amplified this by expressing how they are under pressure because they want to win, signifying his high expectations for the game.

Alguacil spoke highly of Inter Milan, referring to them as a team that made the finals last year, but was quick to add that Real Sociedad is in its current position because of the team’s consistent efforts. The coach set the scene for an intense competition, seeking a competitive match but, above all, aiming for a win.

He labelled Inter as the strongest team in Italy, further emphasising his respect for them. According to him, in Italy, he was quoted as saying, “If we look at the individuals, we won’t even take the field.” Despite this, he reminded viewers of their previous performance against Inter, referring to it as competitive and the only match to have posed a real challenge to Inter this season.

“We will see if we can repeat our performance,” Alguacil concluded, leaving fans in anticipation of a thrilling match.

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