Ravanelli says Vlahovic is a problem causing further issues at Juventus

Former Juventus attacker, Fabrizio Ravanelli, offered his insights on the struggles of striker Dusan Vlahovic and Juventus, during an appearance on the sports show ‘Pressing’. The club is said to be encountering difficulty finding the net consistently.

Ravanelli stated, “The latest match shows a subpar performance from Juve. What we needed was a ruthless Juve in front of goal, instead, they continue to struggle. The problem, let’s not hide it, lies at the front, with difficulty in scoring.”

Today, Vlahovic’s struggle mirrors the team’s issues on the pitch. “Vlahovic is a problem that is causing problems. He struggles to score, to wrap up games, and to win them in the manner that Inter does. Juve has won all their matches in the 95th minute, laboring,” noted Ravanelli. Ravanelli’s comments reflect the ongoing concerns with Juventus’ performance, particularly focusing on their goal-scoring woes and the struggles of their key striker, Vlahovic.

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