Ranieri warns Cagliari of potential struggle in upcoming Sassuolo face-off

Claudio Ranieri, the manager of Cagliari, has addressed the media ahead of Serie A clash with Sassuolo.

Ranieri spoke on the issue of missing key player, Makoumbou, underlining the challenge his absence brings. He said during the press conference, “He will be absent. I have reviewed the situation yet I did not dwell on the Var and the technical gesture, we made our mistakes too. We should not have allowed that. Makoumbou will be missed but whoever replaces him will play a great game.”

The Cagliari manager also commented on their upcoming adversary, Sassuolo. Sassuolo’s impressive away victories, including those against heavyweights like Inter and Juventus, haven’t escaped Ranieri’s attention. He noted, “A very difficult team, relative to the games played they have won more away. We will suffer, they have beaten Inter and Juventus. They are the ones who shoot more from outside.”

Further information continued on Cagliari News 24.

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