Racist chants at Lukaku: Prosecutor’s decision on the crime

The decision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Turin on the events that occurred in the Coppa Italia semi-final between Juventus and Inter has been reported by Il Corriere della Sera. According to the report, the decision states that “the jurisprudence, in the past, has ruled that the emission of guttural sounds, as a typical reference to monkey howling, is characterized by evident racial discrimination connotations and therefore can constitute the hypothesis that sanctions the commission of acts of discrimination on racial grounds.”

The decision also mentions that “the fact that this conduct has been carried out by a multitude of people, who have clearly acted influencing each other, as well as the fact that this conduct did not persist for a significant period of time and, last but not least, that it was carried out for evident reasons of sporting rivalry (fans of the opposing team) leads to the attribution of the fact to the provisions of Article 131 bis of the criminal code.”

Furthermore, the decision states that “the behavior is certainly not habitual and it is possible to proceed with the closure due to the particular gravity of the fact.”

These quotes were reported in the Corriere della Sera and have sparked discussions about the implications of this decision in the world of football. This decision may have significant effects on how instances of racism are addressed in football matches. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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