Rabiot’s mother: No agreement for contract renewal with Juve

Veronique Rabiot, mother of Juventus midfielder, has clarified the situation regarding her son’s contract renewal with the club.

During a conversation with ANSA, Rabiot candidly expressed, “I completely deny the news that appeared on Thursday in the sports press about the renewal of Adrien’s contract with Juventus.”

She further emphasized that her son has not made any decision about his future and is currently concentrating solely on his game and the ongoing season. She also revealed that there are “no discussions with any club about Adrien’s future” at the moment.

Commenting on a newspaper article speculating about the contract renewal, Rabiot notably said, “I was angry when I discovered the news on the front page and an article, which is nothing but complete journalistic invention.”

Veronique Rabiot, however, chose to respond only today to let the weekend pass and not interfere with Adrien’s match.

This information came directly from Veronique Rabiot to ANSA, refuting rumors around Adrien’s contract renewal with Juventus.

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