Rabiot Reveals Two Factors Influencing His Juve Contract Renewal Decision

Juventus midfield maestro, Adrien Rabiot, has recently spoken up about his future at the club, and his thoughts on some ongoing developments in the football world. The French international player shared his views whilst attending a press conference at the French training camp.

Rabiot revealed, “At the moment, I have yet to decide my future. I had stayed at Juventus last year knowing full well I wouldn’t play in Europe. Next season, we should be playing the Champions League and participating in the Club World Cup. These are all factors that will influence my decision. However, I am waiting for the season to end before I have a conversation with the club. I am in no hurry to make a decision.”

When asked about a potential return to his former team, Paris Saint-Germain, Rabiot stated, “Ever since I joined Juventus, each summer, my name has been linked with PSG. On one side, it’s flattering, on the other, it’s complicated due to how things ended there. Of course, in football, one must never shut doors completely, but it won’t be my priority.”

Speaking about a season without European Cups, Rabiot explained, “I have always played in the European Cups since I turned professional. I’m accustomed to seasons where there are several matches each week. I play football to participate in the best competitions and to fully enjoy them. I truly hope to play in them again next season.”

Referring to the predicament of fellow French professional player, Paul Pogba, Rabiot stated, “It’s a pity what is happening. We are in touch and speak regularly. He is still in Turin. I know he was awaiting to learn the exact reasons for the suspension so he could appeal. I hope the sanction is reduced because from what Paul told me, a four-year ban is a bit excessive. I hope they will revise the sanction.”

On the topic of participating in the Olympic Games, Rabiot expressed, “Personally, it would be a pleasure to compete in the Olympic Games. Opportunities like this are rare, and Paris will be exceptional. If it should happen, I won’t be the only one to decide. It’s rather complicated as the dates do not coincide with FIFA’s. We know it’s very challenging for the clubs. Obviously, it would be a pleasure, in fact, an honour, to participate. We will have to discuss it, but at the moment nothing is certain. I haven’t received any calls yet, but if it happens, I would personally like to participate.”

Finally, when asked about French international goalkeeper, Mike Maignan, Rabiot praised, “He’s a leader. He has a significant personality within the group. He is one of the best in his role, always performs well, and is especially good at penalties. He’s an all-round goalkeeper, he doesn’t cause a lot of ‘noise’ but works hard and always in the right place.”

This story was originally reported by Juventus News 24.

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