Rabiot reportedly makes renewal demands with Juventus; Giuntoli responds with figures

The latest on the future of Adrien Rabiot, the French midfielder, regarding his contract renewal with Juventus.

According to today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport, there has been a significant development in the negotiation process for Adrien Rabiot’s contract renewal with Juventus.

Reportedly, the French midfielder has responded to the offer made by the Bianconeri, accepting the terms proposed by the club.

A source close to the situation was quoted in Corriere dello Sport, saying, “Rabiot is very pleased with the offer and sees his future at Juventus.”

This development comes after months of speculation surrounding Rabiot’s future, with rumours linking him to several European giants.

Juventus were keen to secure his services for an extended period, recognising the pivotal role he plays in the midfield.

Another insider familiar with the negotiations mentioned, “The club is relieved and excited, seeing this as a positive step forward.”

The renewal is expected to be formalised in the coming weeks, putting an end to uncertainties.

Stay tuned for more updates as the situation evolves further.

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