Pusceddu: Playing for Cagliari was a dream

Former Cagliari full-back, Vittorio Pusceddu, has candidly discussed his experience and journey through the club’s youth and senior ranks during an interview with VareseNoi.it.

Pusceddu reminisced about his early days, “As a child, I idolised the team and my dream was to make it into the first team. I made sacrifices, because playing for Cagliari was the ultimate goal for me.” He also revealed that during his time in the youth team, he would often run the line as a linesman.

The ex-Cagliari player’s journey through the club’s youth system was guided by Mario Martiradonna, a defender in the Cagliari team that won the historic Scudetto, who sadly passed away in 2011, and Adriano Reginato, an ex-goalkeeper for Cagliari in the 70s. He then progressed to the Primavera team, coached by the late Nenè, a forward from Santos who passed away in 2016.

Pusceddu’s dream of playing for the club’s first team was realised during the 1984-85 season. “I was twenty years old when Gigi Riva and the then-president Fausto Moi called me up for the summer retreat and to sign my contract,” revealed Pusceddu.

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