PSG, Luis Enrique: Everything depends on us, we want to progress

In the lead up to the Champions League match between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), PSG manager Luis Enrique spoke with Sky Sport, casting light on his thoughts and expectations for the significant face-off.

“These are the games everyone wants to play,” said Enrique, highlighting the excitement surrounding the encounter. He continued, expressing a measure of calm, “We think about playing our game and making a good impression. It depends on us. The goal is to win and progress from the group.”

Enrique also used this opportunity to defend his goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, who has recently drawn widespread scrutiny on account of his performance. Referring to the disproportionate attention given to goalkeeper’s errors, Enrique said, “I’m tired of the goalkeeper always being singled out. All mistakes are constantly repeated and discussed. It’s very unfair.”

Enrique stands firm that Donnarumma is one of the world’s premier goalkeepers and praised him for his characteristics both on and off the pitch. Remarking on the unforgiving criticism levelled at goalkeepers, he explained, “When a striker or a defender makes a mistake, it’s no problem; but if the goalkeeper, especially if it’s Gigio, makes a mistake, there’s complete chaos.”

Enrique concluded on an optimistic note for Donnarumma, stating, “I have a lot of confidence in Donnarumma.” This statement reflects the trust Enrique has in Donnarumma’s capabilities despite the criticism and pressure. This comment further highlighted the team’s plan to maintain cohesion and focus on their objectives in the imminent Champions League clash.

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