PSG goalkeeper Letellier and family held hostage at their home

PSG goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier endured a terrifying ordeal last night. The star was held hostage in his home in Hadricourt, outside Paris, along with his partner and two children aged two and six, during a robbery.

The incident saw robbers break into Letellier’s home, threatening the player, his partner – who also received a hit to the face – and their two children with knives and firearms. The culprits were later apprehended by French police, one officer sustaining a knee injury in the process.

This event adds to a string of unfortunate off-the-field incidents involving PSG’s goalkeepers in recent months. Earlier, Sergio Rico was involved in a serious incident, and Gianluigi Donnarumma also fell victim to a home theft, where he and his partner were threatened by the thieves.

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