Premier League: Two matches today, two in 2024. Klopp under attack

The Premier League is back in action today, closing out 2023 with two matches; Klopp’s Liverpool is under pressure.

Before a week-long break, four matches are set to be played today and tomorrow in the Premier League, resuming on January 13, 2024. The main agenda for these games is to see whether Liverpool can maintain the lead they gained last week, which secured their winter title. Today at 3 PM, Fulham vs Arsenal and Tottenham vs Bournemouth fixtures are scheduled.

Tomorrow at 9 PM, the Reds will be hosting Newcastle. The twentieth matchday will conclude at 8:30 PM on Tuesday with West Ham taking on Brighton. As of now, Klopp’s team shares the top spot with Aston Villa, followed closely by the Gunners trailing by just two points. These upcoming games could decisively shift the Premier League standings.

The source of this information is referenced in Italian from, a renowned sports news outlet, and has been translated for BBC’s English audience. Stay tuned for more updates.

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