Prandelli: Scudetto race to be Juve-Inter until the end

Former Italian manager Cesare Prandelli has spoken to La Gazzetta dello Sport about the ongoing title race in Serie A.

In his interview with the Italian publication, Prandelli remarked on what he perceives to be a two-horse race for the Scudetto. He does, however, caution that it is too early to count any other teams out of the competition just yet.

Speaking specifically about the two leading clubs, the ex-Italy coach shared his opinions. He believes that Inter Milan is the better-equipped side. However, he also acknowledges the current consistency of Juventus, citing manager Massimiliano Allegri’s ability to assemble a strong, mentally resilient group.

Prandelli said, “It’s a good duel, which I believe will only be resolved at the end.” He added, “Even though it’s still too early to declare the others dead, Inter is the most equipped but Juve have found continuity and Allegri has managed to create a genuine, mentally strong team.”

His observations illustrate the battle for dominance that is currently taking place at the top of Italy’s premier football league.

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