Pogba’s disqualification explained: why the Frenchman did not settle

The future of Juventus player, Paul Pogba’s football career hangs in the balance, as an unprecedented four-year ban is being demanded by the anti-doping prosecution, reports Italian sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport. This story asserts that should the prosecution’s request be granted, it would spell the end of Pogba’s career.

Rather than reaching a settlement, it was decided that the case would go to trial. The final verdict will be decided by the National Anti-Doping Court, with a potential decision expected to be confirmed by early 2024, no earlier than halfway through January. Pogba’s legal team is reportedly focusing on building a defence centred around the “unintentional” usage of the substance.

It is obvious that no concessions were made by the Anti-Doping Attorney. The attorney has suggested the maximum penalty for doping cases for the Juventus midfielder. This suggestion came after poring over the defensive statements of the footballer’s lawyers and expert witnesses. After finding that their arguments did not sufficiently sway them, the prosecution did not entertain any mitigating circumstances, considering the conscious use of the incriminated substance, testosterone, as a very severe offence.

Pogba, therefore, bears the challenge of defending himself. It should be rather difficult for him to completely vindicate himself, however, he will strive to get his sentence reduced. Speculation towards a plea deal, which could have led to a significant reduction in the penalty, has now been set aside. It seems that Pogba’s legal team believe that there exists ample case law providing for leniency in doping cases. They are confident that they have a strong standing before the court.

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