Pioli on Milan Cagliari: We Aim to Win the Coppa Italia

AC Milan’s manager Stefano Pioli had words of caution and optimism after defeating Cagliari in the recent Coppa Italia match, as he spoke to Italian broadcaster Mediaset. The match saw the Rossoneri advance in the competition.

Pioli shared with Mediaset, “Our focus tonight was twofold. We’re facing a challenging time with injuries so our aim was to protect those who’ve been playing more heavily, as well as fielding a team fit to win.”

Clearly, the manager is juggling a range of concerns, from player fitness to achieving victory, but he maintained an optimistic viewpoint.

Reference to upcoming games against Atalanta and Sassuolo was made by Pioli, indicating that the team is determined to compete. “We’re looking ahead to Atalanta and Sassuolo, but we believe in our chances.”

In addition to the domestic competition, Pioli emphasised the importance of other ongoing goals. Referring to the Serie A campaign and the Europa League, he said, “The Championship and the Europa League are two more objectives, but we will also give our utmost for the Coppa Italia.”

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