Pioli: “A Defender? The Club is Working to Address this Need”

Stefano Pioli, ahead of his game with Roma, has expressed the need for an extra defender within his squad. Pioli is quoted saying, “The need for a defender has not been abandoned. The club is working to fill this gap: certainly, we still need a defender”, according to the news release.

On being asked about the preference of Kjaer over Simic, Pioli defended his decision by saying, “Given the way we were playing, I needed Kjaer more. Also, it seems exaggerated to say that Simic has fallen off the radar; he is a young kid.”

In response to a question about Milan’s ability to lose only one game until the end of the season, Pioli expressed his ambition to win every match. He outlined the team’s objective to “bounce back quickly” and satisfy their fans with a win in the next game. Pioli highlighted that in the last seven games, Milan has been maintaining a good rhythm and has scored only one point less than Inter and Juventus. Pioli emphasized the need to speed up in the coming months regardless of the fast pace of the competition.

Regarding the role of Terracciano, Pioli said he is currently working on the wing as a fullback. With the absence of Florenzi in the next game, that is where he could be utilized. Pioli dismissed any notions of the team collapsing, stating that they only experienced such issues last January. Pioli also addressed issues within the team concerning goals conceded from kickoff, stating these have been subjects of discussion in their meetings.

Physically, Pioli states that his team is doing well, having the same data as Atalanta. He believes that in the current period of the season, physical declines are unlikely to be an issue. Rather, technical and mental data he deemed much more important factors in winning a game.

Regarding the 10-point difference between Milan and Roma, Pioli remains unfazed, asserting that the table standings do not enter the field. He anticipates an open, competitive match against an experienced opponent and aims to prove his side’s strength.

Concerning the sense of danger, Pioli advises his team to be constantly vigilant because danger can come at any time. Every player must be aware that each single ball could be decisive for winning or not winning the game.

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