Pereyra ruled out for Roma-Udinese match: reason for his absence revealed

In an unexpected turn of events, Udinese will have to take on Roma without one of their most experienced players, midfielder Roberto Pereyra.

The Argentine’s absence from the field is due to muscle strain, as reported by club management. He picked up the injury in a training session just a day before the crucial match against Roma.

Although the injury isn’t deemed severe, Pereyra has nonetheless been advised against playing in the match in order to prevent further complications. His absence is a significant setback for Udinese who heavily rely on Pereyra’s experience, especially in key matches such as this.

However, this situation will require the club to rearrange its strategy without one of its key figures. In spite of the setback, fans and teammates alike await to see how Udinese adapts to the situation.

The club has not released any further comments on Pereyra’s injury or given an estimated timeline regarding his return. This leaves the team and supporters in a state of unrest, hoping for him to recover soon and rejoin the squad.

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