Pellegatti stings Inter: Milan’s season over? Relax, they’ve celebrated…

Carlo Pellegatti, a journalist and AC Milan fan, has given an impassioned statement about the Rossoneri’s season on Radio 24, while simultaneously taking a swipe at Inter Milan.

Speaking to host on Radio 24, Pellegatti queried the hype around AC Milan’s season, “Is the season over for AC Milan? Calm down! Other teams have celebrated when they won the Coppa Italia and considered it a positive season. If we were to win it, it would be seen as a semi-failure.”

He then raised the possibility of AC Milan participating in the Europa League, while conceding that Inter Milan may continue its dominant run in the championship. He advocated for an adaptation and shift of focus towards Europe, suggesting a realignment of objectives.

He also acknowledged the performance of Inter Milan under Antonio Conte, “At one point, I was cheering for Antonio Conte’s Inter, who had overtaken us.”

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