Pedri eager to return to Barcelona, hopes for Haaland to join the team

Barcelona’s triumphant midfielder, Pedri, provided an update on his return to the field during a discussion on Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel.

Pedri expressed his keenness to rejoin his teammates in action as soon as possible, despite not having a specific timeline set. He commented on the challenges he has faced, saying “Not being on the field is annoying, it has not been my best year, I have endured very tough times.”

While talking about the players he admires, Pedri mentioned the names of two football legends. He noted, “Obviously, if he were 19 or 20 years old, I would choose Messi. But for attitude and strength, I would pick Haaland: he is like a cyborg, he scores a lot.”

However, Pedri also recognized the contributions of their very own star player, Robert Lewandowski. He humorously lamented the fact that Lewandowski could not continue to perform at his peak indefinitely, saying “We have Lewandowski, but unfortunately he can’t play until he’s 60.”

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