Pavanello says ‘Bologna, the goal is Europe’ – Macron

Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of the Macron, has spoken about the Bologna company and the goals it deserves for its achievements. Speaking to Tuttosport, Pavanello emphasized the focus on Italian teams and the significance of being active and present in various markets. Although the company is involved in other sports, the CEO highlighted the importance of Italy and the special partnerships with many Italian teams, including Napoli, Lazio, Verona, and Bologna over the years.

“We want to be involved in many sports,” stated Pavanello, emphasizing the company’s commitment to having its presence felt across several sporting disciplines.

When discussing the future goals of Bologna, Pavanello stated, “Europe is an objective that Bologna aims for and deserves. The club, in my opinion, has great potential. It would please us greatly to see them reaching European competitions. We have been partners since 2001 and Bologna represents a distinctive companion in our journey.”

Pavanello’s remarks clearly highlighted the significance of the Bologna club and the desire for promotion to European competitions, representing a unique venture compared to the company’s other partnerships.

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