Pavanello: Macron says “Bologna, the goal is Europe”

Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron, has spoken about Bologna Football Club and the objectives it deserves for what it is doing. He made his statements to Tuttosport, saying, “We’ll see. We are always very active and present, but we have to be careful about investing in all the markets where we operate in order not to be unbalanced.”

Pavanello went on to mention the importance of Italy to his company, saying, “Italy is very important to us. We have had many teams that have supported us in our growth. In the past, we have had wonderful experiences with Napoli and Lazio, as well as Verona and Bologna. We also sponsor basketball, volleyball, and rugby, the latter of which is very important to us. In the last World Cup, we had seven national teams out of twenty. We want to be in many sports.”

On the subject of Bologna, he said, “Europe is an objective that Bologna sets itself and deserves. The club, I think, has wonderful prospects. Obviously, it would give us great satisfaction. We are present in Europe with many clubs, such as Real Sociedad in the Champions League. But being in Europe with Bologna would be different. Bologna has been our partner since 2001. It represents a travel companion different from all the others.”

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