Pavanello (Macron): “Bologna, the goal is Europe”

Gianluca Pavanello, the CEO of Macron, speaks about Bologna’s objectives and potential. In an interview with Tuttosport, Pavanello discusses the importance of the Italian market for the apparel company. He emphasizes the long-standing partnerships with Italian football clubs such as Napoli, Lazio, Verona, and Bologna, as well as other sports like basketball, volleyball, and rugby.

Regarding Bologna’s ambitions, Pavanello states, “Europe is an objective that Bologna sets for itself and deserves. The club, I think, has beautiful prospects. Obviously, it would make us very happy. We have many clubs in European competitions, such as the Real Sociedad in the Champions League. But being in Europe with Bologna would be something else. We have been partners since 2001. For us, it represents a travel companion different from all the others.”

Pavanello’s comments reflect the optimism and support that Macron has for Bologna’s aspirations. His acknowledgment of the club’s potential to compete on the European stage serves as a testament to the longstanding relationship between the apparel company and Bologna.

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