Pastorello on Growth Decree abolition: It will favour Italians

The sports agent, Federico Pastorello, has voiced his opinion on the government’s decision to abolish the ‘Decreto Crescita’ in Serie A, while speaking to Sky Sport.

He quoted saying, “As the Aiacs Association, we’ve always fought against this ‘Decreto’ due to its establishment policy. We thought it was unfair to the Italian players or those already part of the Italian championship before. There was an evident, and very significant, discrepancy of treatment allowing the technical decision to be made beyond the financial aspect. At times, new players were brought who were not as deserving compared to those already present. There was risk of depleting Italian football’s assets, because the foreigners, thanks to the decree, had a significantly lower impact on wages.”

However, he also revealed that the Aiacs Association had made an alternative proposal to this disagreement. “We proposed that a threshold could be established below which the decree wouldn’t be applicable. This seemed like a possible turnaround, an adjustment. We’ve now seen that we are heading towards the abolition,” Pastorello explained.

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