Pastorello: Arthur’s Future to be Decided at Season’s End, On Meret…

Sports agent Federico Pastorello has weighed in on the future of footballers Arthur and Alex Meret at the end of the current season.

On Arthur’s performance with Fiorentina, Pastorello endorsed his transition after a season fraught with injury. He said, “I am very happy for him because he is coming from a season where he has always been held up by a lengthy injury.” Previously, Arthur had played several matches in a formation possibly not suitable for him. “This year he has found both things, and I am very happy,” added Pastorello.

Regarding Arthur’s future, Pastorello acknowledged a buyback clause exists but implies more in theory than in reality. He explained, “Fiorentina has always had a very intelligent approach to the market, even in terms of payroll. Arthur’s problem is say that, but he gets along very well with the company, the coach, and the city. Let’s now let him enjoy this season and this serenity,” quoted the sports agent.

For Napoli’s Alex Meret, Pastorello note the complexities of the current season with a change in coach. Meret has a contract expiring but with an automatic option; there’s no rush for a decision. Pastorello revealed that, “The willingness on the part of the boy to stay in Naples has always been absolute, then we’ll see how it goes this season. We are open to everything.”.

Clarifying speculations, Pastorello confirmed it’s unlikely Meret will leave Napoli. “I don’t think so, the option is in favour of Napoli and I think it will be exercised at 100%. Once we reach that point, we will assess the situation with the club, there is great serenity in the relationship,” he said.

In the wider context of Serie A, Pastorello heralds Inter as his favourite for the Scudetto due to the team’s incredible maturity and fantastic defensive package. He also praised Juventus as a tough, mature team, stressing the importance of a great coach who knows how to win. “It will be a beautiful fight,” Pastorello concluded.

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