Parma reportedly in talks for Napoli’s Gianluca Gaetano, negotiations ongoing

Parma have expressed a keen interest in acquiring Napoli’s emerging talent Gianluca Gaetano.

According to a report aired on Radio Goal, the club has prepared a substantial offer for the midfielder, who has recently returned to Napoli following a loan spell at Cagliari.

Parma are eager to secure Gaetano’s services as they look to bolster their squad ahead of the upcoming season.

The news has sparked considerable excitement among Parma supporters, who see Gaetano as a promising addition to the team.

A source close to the negotiations revealed, “Parma are serious about bringing Gaetano on board. They’ve put forward a significant bid that indicates their commitment to landing the player.”

This development has also caught the attention of several Serie A observers, who are keen to see how Napoli will respond to Parma’s substantial offer.

Napoli’s management has yet to make an official statement regarding the bid, but insiders suggest that the club is considering all options concerning Gaetano’s future.

With the transfer window still open, this saga is bound to unfold further in the coming days. Fans from both clubs will be eager to see the final outcome of these negotiations.

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