Parma, Delprato: Winter title in Serie B has relative significance

Parma Football Club player, Enrico Delprato, made some major remarks following yesterday’s match against Brescia in the Serie B league, as reported by Bresciaingol.

Delprato shrugged off the significance of the “winter title”. The Parma player stated, “The significance of the winter title is relative. We are not overly concerned with it, as our aim is to sustain our current pace.” The team managed to secure a critical win before a break, a feat they have struggled to achieve in the past.

The Parma player hinted at his ambition to maintain the same intensity after a brief pause. Yet, his comments conveyed more than just game strategy. Delprato took a moment to express gratitude towards dedicated fans. “I must thank them because they always support us,” he said. He referred to an incident when fans even erupted in celebration after a draw against Palermo, treating it as a victory.

Since the start of the year, the fans’ unwavering support has been a tremendous help for the team, according to Delprato. He expressed his hope that the team will continue to inspire that level of enthusiasm amongst its supporters.

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