Parma announce Mihaila’s contract renewal

Parma have announced that their Romanian player, Valentin Mihaila, has officially renewed his contract with the club.

Through an official statement, the newly promoted club confirmed the extension of Mihaila’s agreement until at least 2027.

The statement read: “We are pleased to announce that Valentin Mihaila has successfully extended his contract with Parma, ensuring he remains with the team for a further four years.”

A spokesperson from Parma added, “This extension demonstrates our commitment to building a strong squad for the future and our confidence in Mihaila’s abilities.”

Mihaila, who has been pivotal in Parma’s recent performances, expressed his delight, saying, “I am thrilled to continue my journey with Parma. The club has shown great faith in me, and I am looking forward to contributing to our success in the coming years.”

The club’s fans have also welcomed the news, with many taking to social media to express their excitement about Mihaila’s renewed commitment.

This extension is seen as a strategic move by Parma to solidify their roster as they prepare for the challenges of the upcoming seasons in the top flight.

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