Papu Gomez breaks silence: official response after doping allegations

Monza’s striker, Papu Gomez, has responded to doping allegations via Instagram. Following recent news of a potential anti-doping regulation violation, he released a formal response.

Yesterday, Gomez confirmed he was notified about a sanctioning decision from the Spanish Anti-doping Commission’s Committee. The Committee has suspended his federal license for two years.

He highlighted his strict adherence and support for all regulations. Gomez affirmed that he always stood as a staunch defender of clean sport and sportsmanship, vehemently condemning any form of doping. He added that resorting to any prohibited practice is something he has never intended to do.

The alleged violation stems from the presence of Terbutaline in his system. He explained this was linked to an accidentally taken spoonful of his child’s cough syrup. However, he clarified, the therapeutic usage of the substance is permitted for professional athletes. He stressed that in no scenario does it enhance football performance.

Without going into further details, he entrusted the matter to his lawyers. He felt that the disciplinary case handling did not follow the stipulated norms and regulations.

Finally, he expressed gratitude. “I want to thank all the expressions of affection and support received in these difficult professional times,” said Gomez on Instagram. He acknowledged that such backing is invaluable during challenging periods in his career.

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