Will Pafundi Debut for Lausanne So Soon?

Lausanne has announced the completion of the transfer for Simone Pafundi, as per their official channels. The young Italian star, secured on loan from Udinese, is expected to make his debut tomorrow evening in the Swiss league, in their fixture against Zurich.

A statement on Lausanne’s official channels read, “We are pleased to announce Simone Pafundi’s transfer details have been completed via the Transfer Matching System. Simone, who joins us on loan from Udinese, is eligible to make his debut tomorrow evening in our match against Zurich.”

In the meantime, Lausanne continues to keep a close watch on the Italian football transfer market for other opportunities. According to TMW, there is an interest in Chaka Traore, the young 2004 class attacker from Milan’s youth team. Stefano Pioli, Milan’s coach, has already used Traore in the first team this season, where he has made four appearances and scored three goals.

TMW is quoted as saying, “Lausanne’s interest in Chaka Traore, who has already shown his abilities on the pitch with four appearances and three goals at Milan, is evident. They continue to survey the Italian market for young talent.”

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