Padovan: Napoli at least draws with Juve, and not only that

Acclaimed sports journalist Giancarlo Padovan has offered his thoughts on the imminent Juve-Napoli game from the studios of Sky Sport 24.

Padovan has predicted that at the very least, Napoli would end in a draw in the game scheduled for tomorrow night. According to the experienced journalist, there’s a possibility that Napoli could outright win as they strive to avoid yet another defeat following their previous two consecutive losses.

Expressing his anticipations further, Padovan said, “Napoli cannot afford to accept a third loss. Inter could take this opportunity to pull away by Saturday night if things turn out the way I’m expecting.” Source of these remarks directly came from his live telecast on Sky Sport 24.

Thus, it appears that the anticipation is mounting not just amongst the fans but also within professional circuits for the Juve and Napoli match tomorrow.

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