Old Firm: Celtic wins, pulling ahead of Rangers in rankings

The Celtic side edged past their city rivals, Rangers, in a historic Old Firm football fixture that wrapped up the year 2023 in Scotland. The Glasgow derby ended in a 2-1 victory for Celtic, with goals from Paulo Bernardo and Furuhashi. Rangers’ only net was signed by Tavernier.

In the wake of this victory, Celtic extends their lead in the league table to 51 points, widening the gap to eight over the Rangers. However, it’s important to note that the Rangers still have two games to play.

The Old Firm encounter, a long-standing rivalry in the Scottish football scene, saw the Celtic team, known for its Irish and Catholic roots, triumph this time around. The scoreline celebrates a vital win for the squad as they look to assert their dominance in the league. Keep in mind that this win might have significant impacts on the standing of these two teams moving forward – a close watch on their upcoming matches would indeed be something for football enthusiasts to look forward to.

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