Official – Zenga in the United Arab Emirates: I want to help the team

In an official announcement, it has been revealed that Walter Zenga, a legend of Inter Milan, has returned to football management by taking the reins at Emirates Club in the United Arab Emirates.

Zenga, known as the ‘Spiderman’ between the sticks for Inter, returns to coaching with the intention of lifting Emirates Club up the UAE league ladder.

In the official statement, Zenga pledged, “I promise to give everything I have and to employ my energy, my team and my global and local experiences in the UAE League to assist the team to rise up in the standings.”

He added that it’s a normal thing in football to meet the players after seeing a few games, stressing that what’s important are the players and their response to instilling the principles of teamwork and play.

Zenga went on to express his hope for fan support in the next phase, remarking this process requires the unity of everyone. The source of these quotes is an official statement made by Zenga.

In summary, Zenga has effectively conveyed his commitment to reappraising and improving the UAE club’s performance in the league and inspiring a strong team spirit among the players. He has also highlighted the significance of fans’ support in achieving success going forward.

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