Official line-ups Feralpisalò-Bari: the choices of the two coaches

The official formations for the Feralpisalò-Bari match, which is valid for the 13th day of Serie B, have been released.

Feralpisalò will be fielding a 3-5-2 formation with Pizzignacco in goal, Letizia, Ceppitelli, and Bergonzi in defense, and Felici, Zennaro, Fiordilino, and Martella in midfield. La Mantia and Compagnon will be the forwards for the team. The substitutes are Minelli, Volpe, Ferrarini, Pacurar, Butic, Sau, Libera, Verzeletti, Camporese, Parigini, and Pietrelli. The team is coached by Marco Zaffaroni.

Bari, on the other hand, has opted for a 3-4-1-2 formation with Brenno in goal, Pucino, Di Cesare, Vicari in defense, and Dorval, Acampora, Koutsoupias, and Ricci in midfield. Sibilli, Diaw, and Nasti will be the attacking trio. The substitutes for the team are Pissardo, Maita, Matino, Benali, Bellomo, Achik, Astrologo, Faggi, Zuzek, Edjouma, Aramu, and Morachioli. The team is coached by Pasquale Marino.

Marco Zaffaroni commented on Feralpisalò’s formations by stating, “We have put together a strong lineup that we believe will perform well in today’s match.” Pasquale Marino also commented on his team’s formations by saying, “We have confidence in the players we have selected and are hoping for a positive result today.” (Source: Feralpisalò and Bari coaches)

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