Nesta: Reggiana was Serie B’s Milan due to numerous injuries, not anymore

Alessandro Nesta, currently steering Serie B club Reggiana, finds the team mid-table, just five points outside the playoff zone and leading the bottom three by a small margin. In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Nesta shared his thoughts on the season so far and what the future holds for the team.

Discussing the physical demands of the game, Nesta joked about a recent family skiing trip. He shared that by the second day, he was stuck in bed recovering, and admitted, “you go on without me.”

In regards to heightened injuries, similar to what AC Milan faces, Nesta confirmed that the issue has been a topic of discussion within the team. The team made a few changes and believes they’re on the right track now. Nesta observed the difference in training regimes now, comparing them to his playing days where there was more focus on strength implying a greater prevalence of joint issues. He vaguely indicated that the same might be the case at Milan, but stated this would only be clear a decade hence.

On the topic of Reggiana’s missing points, Nesta didn’t shy away from acknowledging the team’s early struggles. He fielded many young players who would have ideally had a different progression. Nesta confidently said “Not everyone matures at the same pace: only Bianco has, others need to grow step by step.”

Regarding their player Pafundi, Nesta believes Reggiana is the right place for him. He stated, “This is the right place for him, it’s perfect for us. He needs to learn a few things that will serve him over time. If he comes here and plays, his status will change from promise to real player.”

Nesta also hinted at the varying readiness of players who joined at the end of the market. Some players reached their peak performance quicker than others.

Looking forward to the return matches against Modena and Parma, Nesta predicted that if the league positions remain in limbo, the fixtures would present even tougher challenges.

Regarding his own experience as a World Cup Champion together with Pirlo, Nesta was quick to dismiss any notion that their prestigious title grants them any unwarranted gifts. He grumbled, “I don’t think that label has given us more opportunities: after a month, if you don’t get results, they kick you out anyway.”

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