Nela praises Allegri: Yildiz and Mililk pairing seen as a brilliant move

Ex-footballer Sebino Nela has shared his views regarding the strategic decisions made by Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri in the recent match against Frosinone. Speaking to Rai Sport, Nela commended Allegri’s tactical foresight.

He specifically praised Allegri’s decision to pair Yildiz with Milik, terming it as a smart move. “I must say well done to Allegri today. The decision to play Yildiz and Milik together was a great pic, which also effectively managed Vlahovic,” Nela told Rai Sport. Interestingly, he believed that when a striker, such as Vlahovic, is brought on towards the end of the game, they naturally want to make a good impression.

Nela implied that Allegri’s initial move was very clever. It seems that having Milik was particularly beneficial against a Frosinone side that attacked and pressed in the way they did, according to Nela. He praised Allegri for utilizing Milik’s strengths to counter Frosinone’s aggressive gameplay.

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