Napoli’s Zielinski: Things are going badly but we’ll bounce back and return to greatness in Serie A

Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski has spoken openly about his side’s recent defeat to Juventus. The post-match interview was conducted by Sky Sport.

His comments following the loss showed clear understanding for his team’s struggle. “Playing well is certainly not enough. We need to seize the opportunities and win the matches,” Zielinski conveyed.

Zielinski acknowledged that playing against top teams like Juventus was a challenge. He mentioned their physicality in defence, describing it as a formidable blockade that was not easily overcome.

The Napoli player added that although replicating previous success might be a difficult task, they were determined to make an effort. He observed that while there was something amiss in their performance, there were still many matches ahead in which they could perform well and strive for significant objectives.

Zielinski reflected on the previous year when everything seemed to go perfectly for Napoli. However, during the match against Juventus, he admitted they had come close but failed to score.

Despite the negative turn of events, Zielinski remained optimistic about their performance in Serie A. “Things are going wrong, but we will make amends and will return strong in Serie A”, he said.

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