Napoli’s Transfer Market: Manna Targets Zaniolo as Top Priority

The latest transfer buzz is centred around Napoli’s keen interest in Nicolò Zaniolo, the former Roma forward who currently resides with Aston Villa. The central element of their summer transfer planning is around this player, according to sources.

As per Italian football journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Napoli has put Nicolò Zaniolo at the top of their wish list for the upcoming summer transfer window. “Zaniolo has been targeted as a key recruitment for Napoli. He’s their prime candidate for the forward position,” Di Marzio reports.

Napoli’s new director of sports, Giovanni Manna, has reportedly been keeping tabs on Zaniolo since his early years at Roma. “We’ve been following Zaniolo’s career since he first showed promise at Roma. His current performance at Aston Villa also strengthens our consideration,” Manna reportedly said.

More updates on this potential transfer are expected as the summer transfer window approaches. Fans and pundits await whether Zaniolo will make a move back to Italy and join the ranks of Napoli.

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