Napoli’s Di Lorenzo’s agent to meet with Manna and Conte tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a crucial day for the future of Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo.

The defender, currently a target for both Inter and Juventus, has expressed his desire to seek a new challenge in the upcoming season.

As reported by the Corriere, a meeting between Di Lorenzo’s agent, Alessandro Manna, and Napoli executives Guglielmo Manna and Claudio Conte is scheduled to take place.

“The meeting will shed light on Di Lorenzo’s next move,” a source close to the negotiations revealed.

Fans of both Inter and Juventus are eagerly awaiting the outcome, given that Di Lorenzo has been pivotal in Napoli’s defensive line.

Speculation around his next destination has been rife since he voiced his intention to leave Napoli.

“This decision is about finding a new challenge and continuing his professional growth,” the source continued.

In recent seasons, Di Lorenzo has proven himself to be one of Serie A’s top defenders, making his decision to potentially leave Napoli all the more significant.

The upcoming discussions are expected to provide a clearer picture of where the respected defender will be plying his trade next season.

Supporters and analysts alike will be watching closely, as the ramifications of this transfer could ripple through the Italian football landscape.

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