Napoli’s Di Lorenzo embroiled in controversy; agent’s press conference cancelled

The controversy surrounding Di Lorenzo at Napoli has reignited. The scheduled press conference intended to clarify the market situation with his agent has been cancelled.

According to Alfredo Pedullà, the tension between Napoli and Di Lorenzo has flared up again despite a period of calm and significant optimism following the arrival of Antonio Conte.

The press conference was set for Tuesday. However, it was abruptly called off, leaving fans and media puzzled.

Alfredo Pedullà stated, “The situation between Napoli and Di Lorenzo has reached a boiling point again, which is unexpected given the recent improvements in their relationship.”

The precise reasons behind the cancellation remain unclear as of yet.

Neapolitan supporters had hoped the press conference would shed light on Di Lorenzo’s future with the club.

With the market situation once again shrouded in uncertainty, questions about Di Lorenzo’s continuity at Napoli are bound to intensify.

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