Napoli’s Di Lorenzo calls Scudetto ‘unbelievable’, labels Frosinone as ‘my worst match’

Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo has given a frank appraisal of his team’s recent performances in a discussion with Italian news broadcaster Tg1.

Di Lorenzo described winning the Scudetto, the title awarded to the champions of Italy’s Serie A, with Napoli as “incredible”. However, his reflections on Napoli’s recent defeat against Frosinone were substantially less positive.

“The night after, I couldn’t sleep,” Di Lorenzo admitted about the loss to Frosinone, which he labelled as the worst match he has played since starting his football career. Despite this, he stressed the importance of looking ahead and not dwelling on past mistakes.

Di Lorenzo is quoted as saying “You have to look forward without dwelling on what has been”, emphasising a forward-focused mindset as vital for the team’s future successes.

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