Napoli Transfer Market: Hot Names in Midfield

Napoli football club is reportedly considering making moves in the transfer market following the expected departure of their player Elmas. The club’s management appears to be mulling over several potential midfield options, according to Italian sports news source CalcioNews24.

The seemingly imminent exit of midfielder Zielinski has prompted the club to contemplate a series of potential transactions. Notably, Udinese’s Samardzic and the potential return of former Juventus player Emre Can to Italy are under consideration.

Pursuing more challenging targets such as Soumaré and Hojbjerg is also an option for the Serie A club.

Regarding their attacking options, Napoli has reportedly received offers from Spanish and English clubs for Simeone. However, due to the absence of Osimhen, who is currently competing in the Africa Cup of Nations, it is advised to refrain from any departures in the attack department for now.

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