Napoli Transfer Market: Concrete interest in Nehuen Perez Emerges

The transfer window gets heated for Napoli as Federico Raspanti, the agent of Udinese player Nehuen Perez, confirmed to Radio CRC that the former holds interest in the young Argentine player.

Raspanti was quoted as saying: “Nehuen Perez to Napoli? There’s no certainty yet, the truth is that there’s concrete interest, but we’re waiting for further developments. Nehuen comes from Argentina’s youth squads and you all know the link between Napoli and Argentina. Therefore, the player is willing to wear the blue shirt. I should stress, however, that the young man is working while waiting for welcome developments.”

Although the talks are ongoing, there’s an existing buy-back clause that Atletico can potentially exercise at the end of the season; this could even rise to 15 million at the end of next season.

Concluding his statement, Raspanti underlines the Argentine player’s excitement for the potential opportunity. He said that Perez is “honoured and intrigued by the idea of repeating Maradona’s feats in Napoli”. This suggests a positive inclination the player has toward becoming a part of the Napoli team. As more updates come to light this transfer window, both Napoli and Perez fans will be waiting eagerly for the final decision.

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