Napoli reportedly planning new contract idea for Kvara, suggests inclusion of a clause

Napoli are currently contemplating the future of their star player Kvara. The club is keen on securing his continued presence in the squad and is reportedly working on an enticing offer to extend his contract.

Recent statements from both the agent and the player’s father indicate that Kvara is inclined to leave. However, Napoli are determined to persuade him to stay.

The club’s management is focused on devising a proposal that would be attractive enough for Kvara to reconsider any thoughts of departure. A source close to the negotiations has shared that the club is “working tirelessly to ensure Kvara understands his importance to Napoli.”

The player’s camp remains uncertain about his future, but there is still hope within the club that a satisfactory agreement can be reached. The source added, “We believe that with the right offer, Kvara will see the benefits of continuing his career here.”

This development follows a series of discussions and strategic planning within the Napoli camp. The club’s supporters are eagerly awaiting a resolution that ensures Kvara’s talents remain in Naples.

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